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From apparel to publishing and jewelry to home goods, our ecommerce reputation is worth checking out.

As power users of the products we sell, we were expecting to have difficulty finding a consultant who could honor the passion we had for supplying an impactful customer experience. But Yates exceeded our expectations.

We could feel his enthusiasm for helping us achieve improvements in revenue and brand identity.

Beyond E-commerce, I personally found Yates to be a mentor in entrepreneurship, leadership, and business communications. In addition to showing me smart tactics and best practices, I obtained specific advice that factored in the unique challenges, personalities, and structure of my organization.

Overall, Yates delivered impressive results that more than justified his fees. Highlights included 47% YOY Revenue lift, 50.5% increase in CVR, 72% YOY lift in average purchase per user, and a 24% increase in engaged sessions. We also realized increasing ROAS and decreasing CAC significantly.

Derek Ash


Sam Ash Music


As a startup in hyper growth mode, we’re always looking for ways to learn and optimize on the fly while strengthening our position in the marketplace. We were searching for tactics to grow the business, but instead we found something much more powerful in Yates; he is helping us grow our in-house talent.

Our ongoing engagement with Yates is focused on building the team up in tangible ways that have netted increased confidence, greater performance and ultimately business results (+45% rev YOY).

Had we outsourced this work to an agency or vendor we would have solved short term needs but never worked to develop the internal team.

We are becoming future-built for the storms ahead, which we owe to the investment, energy and expertise Yates has brought to the table.

Luke Oppliger

Head of Marketing



Recently Yates presented research that was a part of an ongoing consulting project for our company.

Yates insights into the subject were outstanding, and spot on. His research was in-depth, and the results were hard-hitting.

He has the unique capability of taking very intense and complicated information and communicating to a broad audience in a manner that is understandable and actionable.

Yates is skilled at moderating a discussion to bring a diverse set of stakeholders to a consensus in a collaborative manner. Yates also met every deliverable on the timeline that he committed to – quite impressive.

Yates has a keen marketing mind, and sharp business intellect. We are fortunate to have him working on the project.

Mark Tate


MOJO (SVP Emeritus Russell Athletic)

Mtate Headshot

I can’t recommend Yates highly enough.

His strategic guidance has been transformational to our business and has given us a picture and plan for a better future than we could have imagined on our own.

What makes working with Yates even better is that he’s a blast to work with and makes even complex, confusing situations/decisions seem fun and approachable.

He looks out for us; I know we have an advocate that is motivated by more than money.

Robert Wahby



Business Leader Executive Founder Robert Headshot

Yates brings not only a wealth of knowledge about the eCommerce space but also a genuine desire for success to every project and client on which I’ve had the privilege of working with him.

His ability to absorb massive amounts of information quickly and thoroughly enabled him to fully and deeply engage with our brand and goals faster than anyone else I could have chosen to work with.

If you’re looking for someone who will bring a superior level of research, data analysis and strategic planning to your company, Yates is the perfect person for you. I wouldn’t hire anyone else!

Helenita Frounfelkner



Business Leader Executive CMO Helenita Headshot

Yates dove in head-first to help us drive ecommerce growth.

Most firms I’ve worked with in the past focus on what they could do for us. He is focusing instead on helping us improve what we could do for ourselves.

It’s a big difference with a much bigger impact to our business. From strategy to analytics to research to ops, I couldn’t imagine not having him next to us as we march the brand forward.

Cory Uehlein

Head of Ecommerce


Cory Uehlein Headshot

My experience working with Yates has been excellent.

His creative efforts as he worked with my team resulted in an award-winning web-site.

We continue to work with him and his firm and look forward to more outstanding results.

Michael Smith

SVP Omnichannel & Ecommerce

Kay Jewelers

michael smith svp omnichannel

Yates’ approach to business and his in-depth knowledge of marketing and sales strategy and data analytics won us over!

Yates is a big picture thinker with the insight and creativity to help executives see what’s possible, and he delivers results.

Jamie Adams



Business Leader Executive COO Jamie Headshot

I was lucky to work with Yates for a little over 3 years to help grow our DTC e-commerce business.

The depth and breadth of his knowledge were an incredible asset to our team.

We encountered many bumps in the road, including launching an e-commerce site during the pandemic, and Yates was always positive and right beside us offering clear strategic support.

Under his guidance, we built a strong in-house DTC capability that developed a multi-million dollar business in 2 years.

While his knowledge of and experience in the DTC space is unmatched, the time he takes to understand a business and its people is truly what makes him so special.

Carrie Lewis

Head of Marketing & Ecommerce


Carrie Lewis director digital marketing

2 Visions flat out delivers, on-time, and above expectations.

Yates and his team bring research, strategy, leadership and really 360-degree help as we face change head-on, launching DTC and other strategic initiatives.

Yates not only cares for our people and company, but he actually has the unique capabilities to do something about it. We’re picky with our partners and 2 Visions is no exception.

Their track record is proven and we’re another success story.

His firm’s influence within our team is obvious and we’re thankful to be working with them.

David Trapp


JEDCo Brands, Inc.


We have had the privilege of working with 2 Visions and Yates Jarvis for over twelve months now, and his knowledge of the DTC space is only matched by his passion and commitment for our brand.

Yates and his firm are analytical, thorough, and truly invested in the success of not only the business but our team members. Brands of any size and at any stage of their digital journey would benefit from having 2 Visions and Yates on their side.

I consider UpWest fortunate to be able to call them partners and trusted advisors.

Jamie Schisler




Yates was instrumental in helping Arcadia develop a successful launch strategy and a holiday marketing campaign that had huge results.

Yates is as good as they come when it comes to being a strategic, data driven thinker and has added huge value to our direct to consumer initiatives.

Jack Joseph

Head of Ecommerce

Arcadia Publishing

Jjoseph Headshot

Yates is a tremendously talented digital marketer who possesses an unparalleled knowledge of the digital space.

But to stop at “digital marketer” would be selling him short. He’s an expert at developing effective, data-driven strategies, successfully implementing complex digital plans and orchestrating cross-functional teams.

He keeps a laser focus on business goals and objectives, driving programs and initiatives to completion while producing solid results.

His passion, energy and enthusiasm for his work is infectious.

Kelly Fiume

Account Strategy Director

The Search Monitor

Kfiume Headshot

Yates is an extraordinary thinker.

As the founder of an early stage company, I often get lost in the weeds of the fires I’m dealing with today. Yates is great at asking questions to help me think about my company from a more strategic perspective.

Yates’ insights have helped GoodUnited unlock and capture opportunities that we may have otherwise missed.

Not only is Yates world-class at thinking through strategy, but he’s also able to connect the strategy to an operational and tactical plan to facilitate real change within organizations.

Jeremy Berman



Business Leader Executive Founder President Jeremy Headshot

Yates is a mentor and leader to many individuals, organizations and non-profits. His optimism, discipline and high energy is strong through all facets of team dynamics.

Yates connects very well with his clients, and his teammates. This is evident and proven throughout his strategic consulting career.

Yates is a man of honor, a friend to many, and a dedicated father to his family. I definitely recommend Yates and the professional advice he provides.

Phillip Anderson


HomeTrust Bank

Panderson Headshot

We hired 2 Visions to help create a broad vision for our company and to get a better idea of how to streamline our e-commerce sales.

The company’s mindset is most impressive.

Yates is always concerned with my well being and the well being of my company.

Allison Lee

Founder & CEO

Eventide Pennant Co

Alee Headshot

In the few months, we have been working with Yates, his perspective and strategic outlook on small-scaled details as well as large, big-picture planning, have been influential to the continued success and growth of our brand/company.

He has an ability to bring teams together, connect the puzzle pieces and drive real results- which ultimately is increasing sales and brand exposure.

We look forward to continuing our work with Yates and are excited to have him onboard.

Jamie Cantalupo



Jcant Headshot
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