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A Framework, Workshop, & Toolkit to Help You Lead Your Business

Remember where you are going. Stick to the path. Achieve your goals.

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You Have a Strategic Plan, Now What?

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In just 2 days, you'll be on your way!

Get Started Quickly

We’ll assess your company and then run a 2-day workshop. From there,  we will simply help you as needed via in-person or remote sessions.

How to Book a 2 Visions Strategic Management Workshop

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Your plans aren't helping you if they are slowly collecting dust. Let us help. Click below to talk to us about booking a workshop.

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Pick A Date

The workshop takes place over 2 days and is held off-site near your office (to eliminate distractions).

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Achieve your goals, get the business help you need, enjoy the ride. The toolkit is yours to use for free after training.

What Makes 2 Visions So Different?

Not only do we have experienced consultants here to help you through integrating strategic management into your business, we also pioneered the 2 Visions framework. The 2 Visions framework helps you with your strategy and with your culture in a simple, groundbreaking framework that allows you to learn and improve over time.

Strategic management systems must be integrated within your executive team structure to then be brought into the rest of the company via all sorts of mechanisms of your choosing. You may  have already (or may desire to) implement open book management, for instance. 2 Visions doesn’t advocate for a specific management style, just the connection of your choices of management with your company’s highest-level strategic and identity imperatives.

2 Visions is aimed solely at improving the collaborative planning and management connection between your executive team members.


What is the Balanced Scorecard?

You may have heard of or worked with a balanced scorecard in the past, or perhaps you use one currently with your business. 2 Visions leans on the fundamentals of the balanced scorecard for the strategic planning inputs required for our framework. The balanced scorecard takes care of strategic planning to support economic value creation.

We then work with you to synergize these investments with initiatives aimed completely at improving the health and thriving of your employees’ interactions, relationships, and their communities. When brought together, your company will be able to build and sustain a remarkable competitive advantage.

See How the Toolkit Can Help Your Company

With this guide, we'll show you exactly how our 2 Visions Toolkit can help you operate your business to achieve your goals. Sign up below to learn more!

What Clients Are Saying

"2 visions is a game changer for our organization. It gives us the tools to elevate the way we think about our people, our strategy, and our operations to be more successful."

Butler Stoudenmire


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"2 visions empowers you and your people to drive the economic engine of your business in a way that no other frameworks can. It puts the economic incentive and the humans that drive it on the same path."

Dilip hanumara

CEO of Trigyn Technologies Ltd

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