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Strategize Your Market Research for Effective E-commerce Outcomes

Are you a marketer that runs market research for your ecommerce company?

If so, you’ve probably been there: wondering how many times a year you should engage your target audience for research insights.

Turns out, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on what you aim to achieve.

Sometimes, you’ll want to follow up with the same audience pool to better understand them.

At other times you’ll be eager to hear from a fresh set of voices.

The trick is to identify this ahead of time, as it forms an essential part of your research planning.

Consider, too, your pool of customers versus potential customers.

We all love our loyal tribe, but depending too heavily on them isn’t advisable.

They’re precious, and you’ll have to incentivize them in exceptional ways to ensure their continued participation without risking negative impacts to their experience.

As such, it’s always a good idea to maintain a balance – blending your approach with both current customers and potential ones.

Here’s a slice of reality – potential customers will shoulder most of your research load, particularly the kind that dovetails product development. You’re catching them at a stage where the journey is still going on, and that’s priceless.

Finally, don’t forget to plan for quantities.

Determining the number of people to engage and deciding on the specific timeframes are crucial.

Plus, it helps to better plan your costs.

Approach methodically, and the insights will come rushing in!

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