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Ecommerce Insights

Are you an executive or senior leader of a business that wants to add or grow a direct-to-consumer DTC ecommerce capability in-house? If so, we’ve written a number of helpful articles for you on ecommerce, business management, strategy, and other topics that are pertinent to helping you grow and lead your business.

Ecommerce Insights

Actionable Advice and Answers to Your Ecommerce Questions

Relevant Insights

Curious about customer loyalty? Need to know how to calculate customer lifetime value? Interested in understanding how customer retention should play a role in your customer acquisition cost goals? You’ve come to the right place regardless of the shape and size of your online customer base!

Through our expert articles geared towards executives in the DTC ecommerce space, we’ll dive into topics that are relevant to you around topics such as: how increased customer engagement can lead to a loyal customer; how analyzing each digital marketing channel can help you set your annual marketing budget; why your product catalog is more important to (CVR) conversion rate than you think; why paying for product insight data such as consumer predictive analytics can help you maximize your pricing strategy; what the relationship is between your advertising platform, digital platform, and ecommerce platform; how display advertising isn’t always the largest opportunity for business growth online; why social commerce is a good fit for some brands and not others; how to optimize a product data feed and its role in improving product discovery on platforms such as google merchant center;  how to best use an industry benchmark such as average conversion rate; why your online business should focus on landing page conversion rate instead of just ad copy optimization; if amazon seller central is the right choice for your company given its other DTC commitments and current operational capabilities; and how to identify a customer trend that could significantly impact your e commerce conversion rate. The list goes on and on.

Quality Content

We’ve invested time and money in producing high quality content with actionable advice you can count on across myriad topics requested by our clients and readers including: email marketing, sms marketing, the digital experience, online shopping consumer trends,  how to forecast e commerce growth, customer journey strategies, digital channel planning, and google shopping. 

If there’s a topic we haven’t covered yet, don’t worry, it’s probably on our list. To be sure, shoot us an email and let us know what you are looking for. We may just be able to publish relevant content for you in the next few months.

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