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Predictive Analytics

Predict consumer behavior to power smart decisions.

Fortune 500 capabilities are within your business’s reach.

How will consumers react if you raise your prices? Which product design, material, or color will sell best? What product mix will maximize your sales? Which marketing and sales channels will be most effective? Our predictive analytics can help you answer these and other key questions and develop a pricing, product, marketing, and sales strategy that gives you a competitive advantage.

Knowing what results to expect from potential actions can help your organization make smarter strategic decisions. Our predictive analytics approach, drawn from our founder’s sabermetrics work with top major league baseball teams, allows us to predict consumer behavior with a high degree of accuracy, giving you statistical confidence in your decisions.

Our cutting-edge analytical methodology significantly reduces the sample size, cost, and time needed to generate statistically significant results. This unique scientific methodology makes the capabilities and competitive edge of Fortune 500 companies affordable for the small business market.

Just as the sabermetrics analysis made famous in the movie “Moneyball” helped the Oakland A’s draft a winning team, so can our predictive analytics help your organization get to market faster, attract more customers, and sell more products.

How We Can Help You

Pricing, Positioning, and Value Prop

What price point will maximize your sales while maintaining healthy margins? Using predictive analytics, we can assess your target market’s price sensitivity to help you best position your product for success. With predictive analytics, you can confirm language and features that will help you competitively position yourself, offering a crisp value prop to generate strong results.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Don’t waste time and money going down the wrong road. Use predictive analytics to shape your marketing and sales strategy before you invest in building it out. We can survey your exact target customers, learn their behaviors and preferences, and predict what marketing methods and sales tactics will be most effective for them.

Product Mix

Taking new products to market without knowing how customers will respond is risky. Test-marketing products is time-consuming and while you are doing it, competitors may beat you to market. Using predictive analytics to design your product mix reduces costs and speeds time to market. Test a prototype with your target market to pinpoint their preferred product features before you invest in inventory or manufacturing. Refine the perfect product mix and feel confident it will sell.


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