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Leadership Development

Transform your executives into true leaders.

Give new executives the confidence they need to succeed.

Would you throw a child into the deep end of the pool to teach them how to swim? Of course not—but many organizations take a similar approach with new executives. Providing no guidance or training, businesses simply promote employees into senior roles and expect them to succeed.

Whether it’s a manager becoming an executive, an executive becoming a senior leader, or an entrepreneurial founder becoming a strategic leader, the transition requires stepping into new behaviors, commitments, and responsibilities. A “sink or swim” approach costs your business valuable time as executives struggle to learn what is expected of them. It can also have devastating costs for the individual.

Our leadership development services position new executives to succeed by giving them the confidence they need to embrace—and excel at—their new roles. We customize our advice for each individual’s needs, prepare them for success, and teach them to learn from failure. This approach allows individuals to make an immediate impact on the business.

Entrepreneurial founders often benefit from leadership development, too. As their businesses grow, founders may struggle to move from a hands-on role to an executive role. We teach founders how to make the critical shift from “doer” to “leader” in a way that positions the company for even greater success.

Our approach to executive leadership development draws on both education and real-world experience. 2 Visions founder Yates Jarvis has both an educational background in applied organizational behavior as well as years of experience leading small and large teams, with a focus on helping individuals develop from middle manager to executive to senior roles.

How We Can Help You

On-Call Sessions

We provide executives with on-call advice to work through challenges in their new roles and relationships. Drawing on our expertise in organizational psychology and organizational behavior, we help executives address whatever issues they are facing as they transition to a leadership position. 

Weekly Calls

Many executives find regularly scheduled meetings are valuable to hold them accountable and to fast-track their growth as leaders. We offer once- or twice-per-week sessions, completed over calls and web-based white boarding tools. We adapt our focus to your specific needs and tee-up next steps to track progress together.

Monthly In-Person Sessions

For many situations, in-person assistance can be strategically beneficial. We help businesses across the US develop their executives’ leadership skills via monthly sessions, typically conducted in 2- to 4-day visits each month.


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