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Top 12 Ecommerce Experts to Hire in 2024

These 12 ecommerce experts were chosen after careful evaluation of hundreds of experts. Save time by finding all of the necessary information about your top options here. This listing is not sponsored and represents genuine research into the B2B market for ecommerce experts.

Top Ecommerce Experts – List

–          Yates Jarvis – Best Overall

–          Anthony James – Best for Amazon

–          Mara Nikolic– Best for Shopify Dev

–          Oz Timo – Best for Ecommerce UX/UI

–          Elise Richardson – Best for Google Ads PPC

–          Ruslan Mukhatov – Best for Magento

–          Roma Hora – Best for Article Copywriting

–          John Moussan – Best for Email Marketing

–          Samuel Larsen – Best for A/B Testing

–          Ruslan Konygin – Best for Analytics

–          Leigh Hewitt – Best for Ad Design

–          Juan Alfonso – Best for Social Media

Methodology Summary

We looked for experts with strong portfolios as well as publicly accessible client reviews- we wanted to see scores of 98% or 4.9/5 or higher. We applied a very specific process to whittle down the list and ensure quality options across the spectrum of the type of help you need from various ecommerce experts.

Table of Contents

Top 12 Ecommerce Experts – Details

Yates Jarvis Ecommerce Awards 2023 at O2 London UK

Yates Jarvis, the Principal at 2 Visions, is renowned for his expertise in scaling direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce brands, leveraging his extensive experience as a ‘Moneyball’ entrepreneur and agency executive. His strategic approach integrates key aspects of business, including marketing, technology, and data analytics, to avoid the common pitfalls of wasted resources, guiding companies to substantial growth. Under his leadership, 2 Visions has managed a multi-billion dollar portfolio. He has assisted over 1,000 senior leaders, thereby earning recognition as a top ecommerce expert with numerous leadership awards.

Jarvis emphasizes enhancing in-house capabilities of brands, steering them towards operational excellence and growth, evidenced by his successful collaborations with notable clients like Express x UpWest and Jeep x JED Co. His commitment to fostering a culture of learning within organizations positions them for future success. Holding degrees from Wake Forest University and the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, Jarvis contributes his insights to global organizations and start-ups through various advisory board roles, underpinning his distinguished position in the ecommerce consulting space.



Yates offers a comprehensive suite of services including business consulting, digital strategy, SEO support, marketing strategy training, and market research. His services are designed to improve ecommerce teams, helping them to increase conversion rates, strengthen SEO, attract and retain customers, and drive lifetime value.

Client Feedback

Clients have lauded Yates for driving significant sales growth, with one noting a 40% increase in sales following the implementation of strategies he developed. His responsiveness, timeliness, and thorough work ethic are frequently highlighted, alongside his ability to deliver holistic and comprehensive strategies that enhance various aspects of a client’s marketing mix.


Charleston, SC, United States


  • Express x UpWest
  • Northern Tool
  • The Golf Warehouse (TGW)
  • Lifeway
  • Jeep x JEDCo
Anthony James Amazon Ecommerce Expert

Anthony James is an Amazon Expert renowned for his comprehensive expertise in listing optimization, FBA, PPC, SEO, A+ Graphics, and Video. With over a decade of experience, Anthony has significantly contributed to the growth and marketing of over 150 brands, specializing in the nutritional supplement space. His success stories include launching and scaling five brands to over $100K+ monthly revenue. Anthony’s technical prowess spans a wide range of areas, including Amazon PPC and DSP Advertising, strategic planning, listing optimization, and brand store design making him a versatile asset for any ecommerce venture looking to thrive on Amazon and beyond.


  • Amazon PPC Advertising
  • Amazon DSP Advertising
  • Amazon Listing Optimization


Anthony offers a suite of services aimed at optimizing and scaling ecommerce brands on Amazon and other platforms. These services include strategic planning for Amazon support case resolution, graphic design for A+ content and brand store design, management of buy box eligibility issues, and comprehensive marketing strategies for Amazon encompassing SEO, photography, and promo videos.

Client Feedback

Clients have consistently rated Anthony’s services as exceptional, highlighting his ability to clarify Amazon strategy plans, streamline marketing efforts, and significantly improve sales and conversions. Feedback emphasizes Anthony’s role as a crucial team member in getting Amazon accounts back on track, with clients appreciating his detailed and clear communication, strategic insights, and the tangible results achieved through his consultancy.


Orange City, FL, United States

Mara Nikolic Shopify Ecommerce Expert

Mara Nikolic, based in Miami, FL, is a renowned Shopify & Shopify Plus Expert with a rich background in web development and design. With over 12 years of experience, Mara has specialized in creating high-quality Shopify and WordPress websites, boasting a remarkable conversion rate of 4%-7.5% for the stores she has designed. Her expertise is not just limited to design; she provides comprehensive services from custom theme designs to e-commerce and custom plugin development. Mara’s approach is seen as an investment towards transforming personal or business concepts into successful Shopify/WordPress-based websites. Her work history includes a wide range of projects, demonstrating her ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet her clients’ needs.


  • Shopify Plus
  • Shopify Development
  • Shopify Templates
  • Shopify Website Design
  • Shopify Website Redesign


Mara offers a suite of services focused on Shopify & Shopify Plus platforms, including custom theme design, e-commerce solutions, custom plugin development, Shopify store redesigns, CRO optimization, and migration to Shopify. Her approach is tailored to transforming business concepts into successful online stores with high conversion rates.

Client Feedback

Client reviews highlight Mara’s expertise in Shopify, praising her for providing great advice on website foundations and steering projects in the right direction. The overall sentiment of the reviews is that Mara’s Shopify expertise significantly benefit her clients’ online presence.


Miami, FL, United States

Oz Timo Uxui Ecommerce Expert

Oz Timo is a UI/UX designer specializing in web and mobile apps for E-commerce. With a Bachelor of Arts in Design and over a decade of experience, Oz has been recognized in the top 1% of designers on Upwork. Her process is data-driven, focusing on research, testing, and analysis to create high-performing interface designs that exceed expectations. Oz’s work is distinguished by his ability to understand complex product functionalities, guide users toward desired actions seamlessly, and collaborate closely with developers for quick coding transitions. Her portfolio includes work for high-profile clients like Lancer Skincare Beverly Hills, SONY Rewards Marketplace, and Advanced Trichology Supplements by Dr. William Gaunitz, showcasing her ability to drive increased retention and conversion rates through thoughtful design.


  • E-commerce UX/UI Design


UI/UX Design for Web/Mobile Apps, Data-Driven Design Approach, Branding, Content Advisory, Checkout Flow Optimization, Mobile Responsiveness, Design Audits, Brand Image Enhancement, User Experience and Interface Creation for Mobile Apps, Simplification of Data-Heavy Analytics Dashboards, Customer Journey Optimization

Client Feedback

Clients praise Oz for her engagement and ability to deliver beyond expectations, highlighting her knowledge, understanding of vision, and ability to outline processes comfortably. Her work is described as consistently excellent across multiple projects, with a detail-oriented, easy-to-work-with approach that has led to flawless execution and significant improvements in user experience and interface design.


Los Angeles, CA, United States

Elise Richardson Google Ads Ecommerce Expert

Elise Richardson is a top-tier Google Ads PPC expert recognized for her ability to educate clients on setting up and managing campaigns effectively. As an expert-vetted freelancer in the top 1% on Upwork, Elise offers a unique service that combines direct campaign management with comprehensive training, allowing clients to learn the intricacies of Google Ads and other platforms firsthand. Her approach is hands-on, with live consultations and screen-sharing sessions that enable clients to ask questions and move at their own pace. Elise’s expertise spans a wide range of digital advertising platforms, including Google/Microsoft Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Amazon Ads, and more, making her a versatile consultant capable of addressing diverse online marketing needs.


  • Google Ads


PPC Audit & Consulting, Amazon Ads Optimization, Facebook Ads Setup, Digital Advertising Training, Google Search Ads, SEM Consultation, YouTube Ads Help, PPC Campaign Development and Management

Client Feedback

Clients commend Elise for her exceptional communication skills, patience, and ability to impart complex online marketing knowledge in an understandable manner. Her technical expertise and teaching skills have been highlighted as key factors in clients’ successful campaign outcomes. Testimonials reflect her role not just as a consultant but as an educator, helping clients achieve their SEM goals while also enhancing their understanding of best practices in search ads programs.


Waitsfield, VT, United States

Ruslan Mukhatov Magento Ecommerce Expert

Ruslan Mukhatov is a Magento 2 Certified Developer and Tech Lead with a decade of experience in e-commerce development, specializing in Magento and Shopify platforms. Ruslan’s technical skills range from backend and frontend development, AI integration, and speed optimization to API and payment/shipment integration. With a Ph.D. in mathematics, Ruslan combines his analytical skills with his technical knowledge to solve complex problems and deliver efficient e-commerce solutions.


  • Magento Full-Stack Development


Full-stack development for Magento and Shopify, including backend and frontend parts, AI integration, speed optimization, API integration, shipment/payment integration, creating websites/modules from scratch, PSD to HTML conversion, and technical task management.

Client Feedback

Clients praise Ruslan for his genius talent, helpfulness throughout projects, and his ability to resolve complex issues efficiently. His work on Shopify performance reviews and Magento 2 development has consistently impressed clients, showcasing his deep knowledge and helpful attitude.


Limassol, Cyprus

Roma Hora Copywriter Ecommerce Expert

Roma Hora is an expert-vetted copywriter with a knack for ecommerce, websites, funnels, and branding. With a focus on crafting narratives that drive sales, increase conversions, and ensure project success, Roma’s approach is all about making real, human connections in a digital world. Her work spans various categories, adapting tone and style to meet diverse project needs while always aiming to resonate with the target audience. Roma’s process includes a thoughtful approach to SEO, addressing pain points without fearmongering, and highlighting key benefits without being salesy, ensuring content that feels natural and engaging.


  • Article Copywriting for Ecommerce
  • Blog Copywriting


Copywriting for beauty and wellness, creative website content, monthly newsletters, brand voice development, high-end landscaping business content, luxury furniture website copy, and more.

Client Feedback

Clients commend Roma for her fantastic work across various copy-related tasks, including Instagram captions, email marketing, and product descriptions. Her ability to add significant value and her exceptional communication skills are frequently highlighted, with clients noting her as a rare find in the field.


Kings County, NY

John Moussan Email Ecommerce Expert

John Moussan, based in Wildomar, CA, is a Klaviyo expert vetted in the top 1 percent by Upwork, specializing in email and SMS marketing for DTC e-commerce brands. With a proven track record of igniting 25% growth within 90 days without additional ad spend, John leverages his expertise to overcome the challenges of inadequate growth and unpredictable marketing channels. As an award-winning author of “The Ultimate Ecommerce Growth Playbook,” John’s approach is centered on a powerful email and SMS marketing solution that not only increases sales revenue but also builds brand awareness, enhances customer experience, and supports social, environmental, and ethical causes. His services are designed to free up time and resources for brands, providing a clear, actionable marketing plan and expert management of email and SMS campaigns.


  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Klaviyo Account Management


Klaviyo account setup and management, email profit accelerator programs, consultation services, deliverability checks, audit flows for Klaviyo, and comprehensive email and SMS marketing strategies.

Client Feedback

Clients praise John for transforming their email marketing efforts, highlighting his skill, talent, and ability to significantly improve account conditions and sales. His professionalism, expertise, and effective communication are consistently noted, with clients appreciating the tangible growth and transformation experienced under his guidance.


Wildomar, CA

Samuel Larsen Ab Testing Ecommerce Expert

Samuel Larsen is an expert-vetted eCommerce A/B Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) specialist recognized by Upwork as part of the top 1% talent pool for enterprise clients. With over 100 perfect 5-star reviews, Samuel has established himself as a leading figure in eCommerce testing and CRO, offering a wealth of experience to brands ranging from small businesses to those with 8-figure yearly revenues. As a thought leader in the industry, he has contributed hundreds of YouTube videos, interviews, and podcasts, and Shopify has used his CRO audits as a benchmark for evaluating agency partners. Samuel’s approach is tailored, leveraging his certifications and expertise to drive significant growth for his clients without relying on ad spend or algorithms.



A/B testing and CRO for Shopify stores, CRO specialist consultations, eCommerce conversion optimization, conversion rate optimization plans for Shopify Plus stores, and CRO audits for various eCommerce platforms.

Client Feedback

Clients praise Samuel for his deep knowledge in improving eCommerce sales and his ability to deliver high-value consultations. They highlight his organized approach and the tangible changes he suggests for dramatically improving store user experience and sales. His professionalism and expertise make him a sought-after consultant for ambitious companies looking to enhance their eCommerce performance.


Helsinki, Finland

Ruslan Konygin Analytics Ecommerce Expert

Ruslan Konygin is a highly acclaimed Google Analytics expert, recognized for his proficiency in Universal Analytics (UA), Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and Google Tag Manager (GTM). His expertise extends to Google Ads optimization, making him a sought-after professional for businesses aiming to leverage analytics for growth. Ruslan’s approach is business-oriented, focusing first on identifying business goals before diving into how tools, numbers, and reports can aid in achieving these objectives. With a background as a web developer, Ruslan possesses programming skills in Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, enabling him to provide comprehensive analytics solutions, from strategy creation and event mapping to enhanced e-commerce tracking and dashboard building in Looker Studio.


  • Google Analytics (UA and GA4)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Enhanced E-commerce tracking


Migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, tracking audits, implementation of analytics and tag management solutions, Google Ads optimization, dashboard creation in Looker Studio, and conversion rate optimization.

Client Feedback

Ruslan is lauded for his technical expertise and deep understanding of Google Analytics and Tag Manager. Clients appreciate his ability to diagnose and rectify data accuracy issues, his knowledgeable insights into e-commerce sales improvement, and his organized and effective communication. His work has significantly impacted businesses, helping them to understand and optimize their online presence accurately.


Phuket, Thailand

Leigh Hewitt is a top-rated ad designer with over 15 years of professional experience. Specializing in HTML5, GIF, and social banners (both static and animated, including video), Leigh has collaborated with multinational brands, agencies, and individuals to create successful and impactful banner ad campaigns. His ability to work under tight deadlines and short notice makes him a reliable choice for projects requiring quick turnaround without compromising on creativity or effectiveness. Leigh’s portfolio showcases a wide range of banner ads, demonstrating his versatility and innovative approach to digital advertising.


  • Ad Creative
  • Static & Motion Ad Design


Banner ad design for various platforms and purposes, including display ads, social media advertising, and animated video banners. Leigh offers comprehensive services from concept to completion, ensuring that each campaign aligns with the client’s branding and marketing objectives.

Client Feedback

Leigh is consistently praised for his creativity, punctuality, and high-quality work. Clients appreciate his ability to understand and execute their vision, resulting in banner ads that not only look great but also perform well in driving engagement and conversions. His professionalism and skill in banner ad design have led to numerous successful campaigns and satisfied clients.


Chester, United Kingdom

Juan Alfonso Social Media Ecommerce Expert

Juan Alfonso is a seasoned social media marketing expert with a rich background in managing social media programs for small to mid-tier businesses. Leveraging both organic and automated strategies, Juan aims to maximize customer and audience growth. His comprehensive services include strategic communications consulting, a total audit of existing social media accounts, content creation, and engaging with audiences to allow business owners to focus on their core operations. As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Juan brings over 17 years of experience in management, photojournalism, and strategic communications, underpinned by an M.A. in English from Florida International University.


  • Facebook Ad Management
  • LinkedIn Advertising


Strategic communications consulting, social media account audits, blog and feature-writing, copy editing, SEO, podcast bookings, image and video marketing content production, and organic/automated account growth strategies.

Client Feedback

Clients commend Juan for his exceptional patience, attentiveness, and thoroughness, highlighting his ability to significantly contribute to team efforts. His expertise in social media marketing and SEO has been particularly valuable, with clients noting his deep understanding of improving ecommerce sales and audience engagement.


Killeen, TX, USA

Top 12 Ecommerce Experts – Methodology

This list was created after reviewing a number of key criteria. The experts showcased met the following requirements:

  • Must have third party-confirmed client reviews and testimonials with a combined score of no less than 98% equivalent
  • Must have no less than 5 years of experience
  • Must have specialization within ecommerce
  • Must have a public profile via a site such as LinkedIn or UpWork
  • Must have publicly accessible case studies and/or portfolio demonstrating work and results
  • Prioritized experts with higher confirmed project earnings as a means of valuing their portfolio

Top 12 Ecommerce Experts – FAQ

What is an ecommerce expert?

An eCommerce expert is a professional with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the realm of online business and digital commerce. This individual possesses a deep understanding of the digital marketplace, including how to effectively set up, manage, and grow online stores. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum of areas, from selecting the right eCommerce platform, optimizing product listings, and implementing effective digital marketing strategies to enhance online visibility and drive sales. They are also adept at analyzing market trends, customer behavior, and sales data to make informed decisions that boost business growth.

An eCommerce expert plays a crucial role in navigating the complexities of online retail, offering guidance on website design and functionality to ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers. They are proficient in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, social media marketing, and email campaigns, all of which are essential for attracting and retaining customers in the competitive digital landscape. With their strategic approach, they help businesses achieve their online goals, whether it’s launching a new product, expanding into new markets, or maximizing profitability. In essence, an eCommerce expert is a vital ally for businesses looking to thrive in the ever-evolving world of online commerce.

What do ecommerce experts do?

eCommerce experts are instrumental in steering online businesses toward success by leveraging their deep understanding of the digital marketplace. Their work encompasses a range of activities designed to optimize online stores for better performance and increased sales. Primarily, they conduct market research to understand industry trends and consumer behavior, enabling them to tailor strategies that resonate with target audiences. They are adept at choosing the right eCommerce platforms that align with a business’s needs, ensuring scalability and user-friendliness.

One of their key responsibilities is improving website design and functionality, focusing on creating an engaging user experience that encourages browsing and purchasing. This involves optimizing site navigation, enhancing product descriptions, and ensuring the checkout process is as seamless as possible. eCommerce experts also deploy various digital marketing strategies, including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC campaigns, to drive traffic and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Lastly, they analyze performance data to gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts and website functionality, making data-driven decisions to further refine and improve strategies.

When should I work with an ecommerce expert?

Working with an ecommerce expert can be incredibly beneficial for businesses looking to improve their online sales and overall digital presence. But when is the right time to bring in an ecommerce expert? Here are a few scenarios where working with an ecommerce expert could be especially valuable:

  1. Launching a new ecommerce website: If you’re just starting out with selling products online, it’s a good idea to work with an ecommerce expert to ensure that your website is set up for success from the beginning. They can help you choose the right platform, optimize your site for conversions, and develop a marketing strategy to drive traffic to your new online store.
  2. Improving existing ecommerce sales: If you already have an online store but are struggling to generate sales, an ecommerce expert can help identify areas for improvement. They can conduct a thorough audit of your website, marketing strategies, and overall ecommerce operation to pinpoint areas of weakness and provide recommendations for optimization.
  3. Scaling your ecommerce business: As your online sales grow, you may need help expanding your operations to accommodate increased demand. An ecommerce expert can help you develop a scalable growth strategy that ensures your business can handle higher volumes of orders without sacrificing customer experience or operational efficiency.
  4. Keeping up with industry trends: The ecommerce landscape is constantly evolving, with new technologies, strategies, and consumer behaviors emerging all the time. Working with an ecommerce expert can help you stay ahead of the curve and adapt your online business to changes in the market.

So as you’ve seen, working with an ecommerce expert can be beneficial at any stage of your online business journey. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your ecommerce business to the next level, an expert can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

How do eCommerce specialists contribute to product development and enhance the eCommerce strategy?

eCommerce specialists play a pivotal role in product development by applying their specialized skills and critical thinking to identify market needs and opportunities. They work closely with product teams to ensure that offerings are well-aligned with consumer demands and eCommerce strategies. By leveraging their deep understanding of eCommerce tools and the digital marketplace, these experts help businesses navigate through the complexities of digital transformation, optimizing product offerings for the online environment. Their strategic input is crucial in designing effective eCommerce strategies that encompass not just product development but also marketing, sales, and the overall customer experience.

What role does Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and content marketing play in attracting qualified traffic, and how do they fit into direct marketing and email marketing campaigns?

SEM and content marketing are key components in attracting qualified traffic to an eCommerce site. By utilizing targeted keywords and creating valuable content, businesses can enhance their visibility on search engines, drawing in consumers actively searching for related products or services. This approach is complemented by direct marketing and email marketing campaigns, which engage customers directly with personalized offers and content. Together, these strategies form a cohesive marketing effort that not only attracts qualified traffic but also nurtures customer relationships, driving sales and fostering loyalty.

How essential are eCommerce skills, including understanding the shipping process, in driving the success of an online business?

Mastering eCommerce skills is fundamental to the success of any online business. This includes a comprehensive understanding of the shipping process, which is crucial for delivering a positive customer experience. Experts with these skills can streamline operations, negotiate better shipping rates, and implement efficient logistics solutions, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. Additionally, possessing a broad set of eCommerce skills enables professionals to effectively manage various aspects of the online business, from optimizing the website and managing inventory to executing marketing campaigns and analyzing performance data. These competencies are essential for navigating the challenges of the digital marketplace and achieving long-term success.

How do eCommerce experts optimize business operations and align them with business requirements to enhance a company’s reputation?

eCommerce experts play a critical role in streamlining business operations to meet the precise business requirements essential for sustaining a positive reputation in the market. By analyzing and understanding the unique needs of a business, these professionals implement strategies that optimize operational efficiency, from inventory management to customer service. This alignment ensures that every aspect of the business contributes positively to its reputation, fostering trust and credibility among consumers. Through their expertise in e-commerce website development and management, they ensure that the business not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, thereby strengthening the company’s standing in the marketplace.

In what ways do eCommerce experts leverage product page optimization and shopping cart enhancements to foster lifetime customer relationships?

eCommerce experts understand that the key to building lifetime customer relationships lies in providing an exceptional online shopping experience. This involves meticulous product page optimization, ensuring that each product is presented with clear, compelling information and high-quality images that resonate with potential buyers. Additionally, optimizing the shopping cart process to be smooth and user-friendly minimizes cart abandonment and enhances the overall shopping experience. By strategically employing shopping ads and dynamic product ads, these experts can further personalize the shopping journey, making customers feel valued and understood. Such targeted efforts not only drive sales but also cultivate a loyal customer base committed to the brand for the long term.

How do eCommerce experts utilize shopping feeds, shopping ads, and a variety of industry experiences to drive consistent performance and build a loyal customer base across different online platforms?

Leveraging their experience across a variety of industries, eCommerce experts use shopping feeds and shopping ads to maximize online traffic and attract a diverse customer base. They expertly manage shopping feeds to ensure product information is accurately distributed across multiple online platforms, enhancing visibility and reach. Through the strategic use of shopping ads, they target specific segments of the market, drawing in customers with tailored messages that resonate with their needs and preferences. This approach ensures consistent performance and revenue growth by effectively capturing and converting online traffic. Furthermore, by applying industry-specific insights and strategies, eCommerce experts are able to foster a loyal customer base, ensuring that customers return time and again, regardless of the platform they choose to shop on.

Ecommerce Insights

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