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Ecommerce Research & Intel Services

From competitors to consumers, our research expertise is industry-leading without branking the bank.

Product & Pricing Research Program

Strengthen your ecommerce merchandising with our tailor-made Product & Pricing Research Program. As a leading market research company, we are unequivocally committed to comprehending the distinctive characteristics of your products, the associated price spectrum, and the all-encompassing market competitiveness to furnish you with invaluable insights.

Just as every ecommerce enterprise is unique, so too is every product’s worth in the discerning gaze of potential customers. We delve into the minute details, meticulously juxtaposing your products against the myriad of factors that influence their perceived value.

Our Product & Pricing Research Program isn’t a one-off, pre-packaged solution. 

We proffer a bespoke service, aligning our comprehensive market research reports with your strategic objectives, and continually adapting our approach to dovetail with shifting market trends.

Whether you’re critically evaluating a prospective product, scrutinizing your existing portfolio, or pursuing guidance on a dynamic pricing strategy, our overarching goal is to unravel the full potential of your product and pricing stratagems. Consider us your research powerhouse, propelling growth and profitability in your ecommerce venture.

Consumer Preference & Behavior Research Program

Sharpen your understanding of your customer base with our Consumer Preference & Behavior Research Program. We plunge headfirst into the multifaceted world of your target customers, examining their preferences through consumer surveys, shopping behaviors, and intricate decision-making processes.

Our approach, as industry experts, is rooted in comprehensive research methodologies that yield in-depth insights into the ever-evolving terrain of customer expectations and behaviors. Such insights not only highlight the customer preferences, but they also provide valuable information to personalize and elevate the customer experience effectively.

Whether you need to understand the complexity of customer segmentation, multifarious shopping habits, or the enigmatic triggers of purchase, we can customize our research to meet your specific needs.

With 2 Visions, you’re not only procuring research; you’re gaining a strategic ally in shaping your business strategy, a virtual customer whisperer if you will, whose sole aim is to decipher the labyrinthine complexities of customer behavior in the service of your business’s ecommerce triumph.

Brand, Market, & Competitor Research Program

Secure the competitive vantage point in your market with our all-encompassing Brand, Market, & Competitor Research Program. Here, we critically evaluate your brand’s position, the volatile market dynamics, and your competition to aid you in carving out a stronger competitive advantage, making informed strategic decisions.

No stone is left unturned in our meticulous research process. We appraise your brand’s image, perception, and inherent value, meticulously delineate the prevailing market conditions, and delve deep into the strategic posturing and performance of your competitors.


Our Brand, Market, & Competitor Research Program is more than a mere data aggregation endeavor.

It’s about delivering profound insights that inform your decision-making and strategic planning, bestowing upon you a decisive edge in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Whether you’re an earlier-stage ecommerce business just sprouting its wings or a seasoned market stalwart, our methodical research can illuminate the path to your strategic objectives. By enlisting our expertise, you’re aligning yourself with a trusted partner relentlessly committed to the growth and sustainability of your brand.

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2 Vision’s research was in-depth, and the results were hard-hitting. Yates has the unique capability of taking very intense and complicated information and communicating to a broad audience in a manner that is understandable and actionable.

Yates is skilled at moderating a discussion to bring a diverse set of stakeholders to a consensus in a collaborative manner. He also met every deliverable on the timeline that he committed to… quite impressive.

– Mark Tate, COO at BuckWear

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