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Data-Driven Consulting Services

Ecommerce Analytics Services

Take control of ecommerce performance through actionable intel.

Make Smarter Decisions About Your DTC Ecommerce Strategy

When you have the right data, it is easy to make well-informed decisions. Quality data and analytics show you what is working and what isn’t in an easy-to-understand format. 

At 2 Visions, we can help you identify the most important metrics so you can take your business to the next level.

Why Is an Ecommerce Data and Analytics Strategy Important?

If you don’t have a solid data and analytics strategy, you are most likely wasting money on ineffective business strategies. This can drain your resources, limit growth and cause you to miss important opportunities. When you have a solid data strategy, you have the information you need to cut costs, improve your marketing strategy, and develop a better growth strategy.

Learn more about our direct-to-consumer data and analytics strategy services below. 

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How We Can Help

Data Tracking Funnel Report

Data Tracking Funnel Report

Track your data points across a customer experience funnel from awareness to purchase and back through retention and servicing.

Profit-to-Data (PTD) Planner

Profit-to-Data (PTD) Planner

Data for data's sake is too often prevalent in environments where no one knows how to compete with market or customer intelligence. Our PTD planner focuses your datapoint investments in areas that specifically drive profit for your business.

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DTC Data and Analytics Strategy

We show you how to develop an effective data and analytics strategy, so you have the information you need to grow.

How Much Do Our DTC Data and Analytics Strategy Services Cost?

A data and analytics strategy is a great way to identify areas where you are spending money ineffectively. Our goal is to help you save money. Please give us a call to find out how affordable our services can be.  

Overview of Our DTC Data and Analytics Strategies

Depending on your business, your new strategy might address:

  • Data integrations and the unification of data so BI tools can utilize it more effectively
  • Data integrity, redundancy, and accuracy
  • Data architecture including data technologies involved in parts of the data funnel from event tracking to reporting.
  • Prioritizing data needs into a time and investment sequence that you can use to improve your data pipeline
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With many years of experience helping improve the tracking, reporting, and synthesizing of data and analytics, 2 Visions is poised to help your business succeed on the back of competitive intel. First-party data is more important than ever in the changing privacy landscape. We can help you take advantage of the information available to better speak to your ecommerce visitors’ needs.

Step 1: Get Started

Give us a call. We will work closely with your team to identify gaps in your current data strategy and help you identify the most critical metrics for your specific industry. Then we help you select the best mix of manual and automated systems for your business and budget.

Step 2: Develop a Plan

Once we understand the challenges you are facing, we create a smart data strategy tailored specifically to your business. We help you identify the best ecommerce data tracking and interpretation tools. Then we build custom workflows to synthesizing the data so you can interpret the success of your other strategies, such as your marketing strategy or ecommerce strategy.

Step 3: Deliver Exciting Results

We’ll show you how to use the data you’ve collected to identify areas of improvement. This allows you to create inspiring marketing campaigns, slash costs, and more. 

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