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Data-Driven Consulting Services

Ecommerce Consumer Research Services

Game-changing insights into consumer preferences and behavior.

Ecommerce Consumer Research Services

We’ll give you all the consumer data you need to grow your e-commerce business.

Do you know your customers intimately? Do you understand their preferences and their weighted values? Have you identified their need hierarchies? 

Most businesses think they know who their consumers are. When in reality, they’ve only scratched the surface.

DTC Consumer Research is Key

Your competitors are probably in the same spot. You can easily race past them by collecting consumer data. The performance of your business directly reflects the depth of data you’ve collected on your consumers. 

Our ecommerce consumer research services will take you deep into the data providing you with a wealth of information that you can use to launch and grow your business. 

DTC Consumer research will improve your marketing, positioning, product development and innovation, and the most important strategies like your business, brand and sales strategies.

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How We Can Help

Predictive Analytics Research

Predictive Analytics Research

When you want to understand complex interactions between multiple characteristics of your products or offerings with various consumer segments, predictive analytics research will do the trick.

Willingness to Pay (WTP) Research

Willingness to Pay (WTP) Research

What are consumers willing to pay for your new product or service? What about if you sell it for a certain price next to another product at a different price? Find this out and more with WTP research.

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Consumer Data

Our direct-to-consumer consumer research services are focused on gathering data so that you can understand your customer profiles and use them in your advertising. You’ll be able to use the information to segment your audience based on their needs and preferences, creating highly targeted campaigns.

Grasp the Interactions

Consumer data lets you see inside the interactions between your consumers and your product. Explore how your consumers behave around your brand and what they value about your products. Use these insights to optimize campaigns and quickly learn what works and what doesn’t work. 

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DTC consumer research is a specialized service that allows you to ask questions and gather answers from consumers in a way you never imagined before. Statistically accurate predictive analytics allow you to assume consumer preferences across a wide array of factors. Beyond individual research studies for ecommerce companies, we also produce consumer preference models for the research that allows our clients to continue to query consumers via the model with changing factors instantly.

Feed Your Strategies With Consumer Data

Use the data from our DTC consumer research services to enhance various parts of your business directly. The insightful data will skyrocket your campaigns, from improving the customer journey to finding new selling points for your products.

How To Get Started

Get a deeper understanding of your customers through our professional consumer research. To get started, simply schedule a consultation call. During this discovery call, you’ll find out how we can help you and how much it will cost you.

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Get a competitive edge with DTC consumer research services. 

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