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Case Study

A Premium Children’s Goods Company Leans into a New Strategy for Growth

With distribution across the US and Canada, Nook had a proven, organic take on the nursery space. But to continue growth, it needed strategic and executional focus. And help to walk the walk.

The Challenge: Scaling Direct-to-Consumer Ecommerce

At 2 Visions, our journey with Nook, a premium children’s sleep and play company, began at a pivotal moment in their business lifecycle. Nook was at a crossroads, eager to scale their Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) ecommerce operations and diversify their strong B2B success within the US market. Despite previous attempts to propel growth through their own efforts and with the help of specialist agencies, Nook’s aspirations remained unmet, driving their leadership to seek a specialized partner with proven expertise in ecommerce. This is where our paths aligned, marking the beginning of a transformative partnership aimed at fostering in-house growth and reducing dependency on costly external agencies.

Strategic Partnership and Collaborative Growth

Our engagement with Nook was structured around a high-touch, collaborative approach, emphasizing knowledge transfer and strategic empowerment. We kicked off our partnership with detailed organizational strategy workshops, facilitating on-site annual planning sessions with Nook’s senior leadership team, including the CEO, CMO, President, and COO. These sessions were instrumental in crafting a 36-month detailed marketing and ecommerce strategic plan, complete with projections, targets, strategies, and initiatives tailored to Nook’s unique needs and aspirations.

Achieving Remarkable Results

The fruits of our partnership were compelling. Over four years, Nook witnessed a staggering 174% average annual increase in DTC revenue, year-over-year. This growth trajectory was complemented by a significant reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost (CPA) by at least 50%, even amidst aggressive scaling efforts. Moreover, our strategic SEO, CRO, and paid advertising initiatives led to a 130% increase in organic search traffic, marking a pivotal shift in Nook’s market presence and customer engagement.

Beyond Revenue: Comprehensive Market Insights and Cost Savings

Our collaboration extended beyond typical growth metrics. Through in-depth market research, we provided Nook with invaluable insights into pricing strategies, product mix, and development strategies, significantly influencing these critical areas. Additionally, our consultancy identified cost-saving mechanisms, including a strategic swap of technology layers, which realized an additional $575,000 in profit for Nook. This comprehensive approach not only elevated Nook’s ecommerce performance beyond its B2B success but also opened new horizons for future opportunities.


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