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Case Study

New DTC Brand Strategy Lifts Jeep Apparel Category

With growing global lifestyle brand success, Jeep partnered with JED Co Brands to ratchet up their US penetration in apparel and lifestyle goods.

Embarking on a New Venture

When Jeep decided to introduce its first in-depth lifestyle apparel line to the U.S. market, they sought a partner capable of navigating the complex DTC ecommerce landscape. This initiative, born from their successful positioning as a lifestyle brand in Europe, aimed to replicate and surpass this achievement stateside.  While JED Co Brands was an established brick-and-mortar player, they lacked the capabilities of true scale within DTC ecommerce. Our firm, 2 Visions, was chosen for this ambitious project due to our proven track record with notable DTC ecommerce brands. The goal was clear: to develop a solid go-to-market strategy that would not only launch Jeep’s expanded apparel line but also ensure its long-term viability and growth.

Strategic Collaboration for Growth

Our engagement with JEDCo Brands and Jeep was extensive and multifaceted. Working closely with the senior leadership team, including the President, COO, CTO, VP of Production, and Head of Marketing, we became a pivotal part of their journey. Our hands-on approach involved monthly on-site visits and weekly strategic calls over four years, laying the groundwork for a robust ecommerce ecosystem. We facilitated three-day offsite annual planning sessions and ran weekly strategic management meetings, addressing every aspect of DTC ecommerce from CRO, SEO, PPC, and branding to UX/UI and Amazon strategies.

Achieving Remarkable Results

The results of our partnership were nothing short of remarkable. Together, we achieved a 3X DTC revenue lift year over year, significantly increased the average order value by 150%, and boosted high-efficiency, sustainable ecommerce traffic by 350%. This included a march towards much higher levels of organic traffic – eventually accomplishing a significant, high-performing traffic share for organic search. These achievements underscored the effectiveness of our strategic planning and execution, reinforcing JED Co Brand’s and Jeep’s position in the market and setting a new benchmark for their ecommerce endeavors.

Building for the Future

Our role extended beyond immediate tactical improvements; we were tasked with transforming the organizational structure to support sustained growth. This involved developing a comprehensive 36-month plan with detailed projections, targets, strategies, and initiatives. Through close collaboration with senior leaders, we ensured the direct implementation of these plans, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness while embracing the best features of the brand’s core culture and values.

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