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Case Study

Adding Strategy & Structure to Ecommerce Marketing Ops for US Apparel Brand

Express’s high-growth comfort apparel brand UpWest needed both a scalable and sustainable path forward.

Redefining Ecommerce Strategy for UpWest

Our collaboration with UpWest, a startup apparel company owned by Express and sibling to Bonobos, represented a unique challenge and opportunity. UpWest, known for its commitment to comfort, natural materials, quality, and fair pricing, sought to strengthen its position in the competitive apparel marketplace. As they ventured into this new chapter, our team at 2 Visions was enlisted to spearhead a comprehensive strategy update focusing on ecommerce optimization, SEO excellence, and insightful market research to drive significant growth and reshape their market approach.

A Holistic Approach to Digital Excellence

From the outset, our engagement was characterized by deep, strategic collaboration with UpWest’s leadership, including the CEO, CMO, Head of Product Development, Head of Ecommerce, and other marketing leaders. Early on we conducted a off-site workshop near UpWest’s headquarters, designed to dive deep into the core challenges and aspirations of the brand. This workshop laid the foundation for a roadmap tailored to achieve ambitious financial and growth objectives in a crowded market. Our solutions spanned across multiple facets of their business, from enhancing their conversion rate and strengthening their SEO to unlocking new customer segments and driving lifetime value for existing customers. Utilizing platforms like Shopify Plus, alongside focused efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, we provided ongoing training and support to empower the UpWest team at every turn.

Impactful Results and Market Differentiation

The results of our partnership have been nothing short of transformative. UpWest has realized a 45% increase in sales, attributing this success to the strategic insights and optimizations implemented with our guidance. The CMO of UpWest has highlighted the significance of our role, noting our expertise in defining areas of improvement, optimizing ecommerce traffic with a flat spend, achieving a 4.5x ROI on SEO, and uncovering new audiences through diligent market research. This comprehensive, strategic consultancy has not only changed how UpWest operates across marketing, ecommerce, and creative teams but has also begun to influence product development with consumer insights driving new designs.

Sustained Growth and Future Endeavors

Our work with UpWest is ongoing, reflecting a relationship built on trust, results, and a shared vision for continuous improvement. Looking ahead, we aim to deepen the use of personalization, targeting, and segmentation, alongside other initiatives focused on traffic generation, brand awareness, and operational efficiency. Our holistic, business strategy-centric approach has enabled UpWest to make broad, impactful changes that resonate across all aspects of their marketing mix, proving that with the right partnership, even the visions of a start-up can be transformed into innovative strategies for market success.


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Charleston, South Carolina

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