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Need to Add Ecommerce

Get a plan, build your team and processes, ramp up revenue.

Avoid the pitfalls of a typical DTC ecommerce launch.

Go get a chunk of the market online with our growth-minded DTC ecommerce programs. You know you need to add on DTC ecommerce and you probably need it yesterday. This type of initiative can be quite costly, especially as urgency puts exceptional pressure on your current team’s capabilities to ramp up DTC.

We’ll help your company navigate the next steps from projections and financials to execution and capability building, soup-to-nuts whether you are looking simply for upfront help or ongoing assistance in scaling.

Get a grip on the likely costs and likely opportunities ahead of your company in DTC ecommerce. Many companies want to know “what they are in for” before unrolling the DTC ecommerce red carpet because they know the disruption and change involved that will touch every part of their business.

Is it worth it for us? How much will this cost? What will need to change? Let Yates work with you to identify the opportunity and ROI ahead, as well as the current-state gaps required to be bridged to realize your ecommerce potential.

Go-To-Market Program

Hit the ground running with the right upfront investment, speed, assets, and capabilities required to enter the market poised for growth. This is high-impact, hard-hitting direction that makes it clear as day how to launch well.

We build a plan and execution assets with your team that addresses everything needed on day one: technology, marketing, product, branding, advertising, research, strategy, etc. 

If your team doesn’t have big-time experience in launching DTC ecommerce themselves, Yates is available to guide individual leaders or teams forward to help them execute on a go-to-market plan.

You can expect our Go-To-Market Program to be completed in around 12 to 16 weeks.

Scaling Program

Give a boost to your DTC market launch and kickstart the real online performance you need to drum up through ecommerce. 

Many companies get things rolling, but their DTC ecommerce doesn’t really pick up the speed for which they had hoped.

Yates works with you hand-in-hand to identify key steps and sequences for scaling performance to new levels as well as helping to set expectations on cost and return so that you can navigate the internal discussions necessary to keep moving forward.

DTC Complete Program

Go grab the DTC bull by the horns by building the right plan on the back of the right organizational changes required to hit your goals. Why would you do anything else?

From go-to-market to scaling, we help you execute DTC ecommerce as if you’ve done it 100 times before. The pure cost savings of moving forward clearly vs. blindly cannot be understated.

Trial and error in a new competitive market is expensive and can hurt the health of an otherwise healthy company that doesn’t know exactly what they are doing in the DTC space.

Yates will work with your team to develop a shared vision forward and will help you acquire and develop the capabilities to accomplish your goals.

Opportunity Program

Know what you stand to gain by investing in a move toward DTC ecommerce. Our Opportunity Program gets you the information you need concerning the relative scale of opportunity within your vertical.

We uncover critical data points that help paint a picture of the market within which you can compete online.

If you don’t know where to start and are concerned that DTC ecommerce might not be worth the time and effort, start with the Opportunity Program to get your hands on quantitative research that will inform your next steps.

Yates will walk you through each piece of insider intel, collaborating with your team to assess what’s possible vs. what’s reasonable to expect for your company’s future in DTC.

ROI Program

Understand the relationship between costs and revenue over a multi-year model that helps to enlighten the type of ROI you could expect in DTC ecommerce given your market and company’s current state.

We’ll work with your team to custom-build 36-month projections/targets that detail a full spectrum of costs, timings, delays, and returns. You’ll receive editable documentation that can be re-used for ongoing annual planning.

The ROI Program will be immediately tangible to your team. Yates will do the work required to transition ownership of the plan from him to you and your team so that your company can own the assumptions and tweaks you need to make.

By the end of the program, our goal is for you to have total confidence in deciding: is DTC worth it for us?

Gap Program

Fly forward with confidence knowing what your company must become to succeed in DTC ecommerce.

We help identify the gap between your company today and what it will need to look like to support a thriving DTC capability including specific recommendations for changes to governance, structure, processes, resources, etc. 

You’ve got financial goals and know moving forward in DTC ecommerce is important, maybe even critical.

Let us help you see how to get there, not just through ecommerce marketing advice or advertising tricks, but by focusing on the changes your organization must prepare to make to capture the value you’ll create online. 

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